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Anthony Giacalone

Anthony Giacalone | Tony's Realty, East Boston, Massachusetts
One of East Boston’s most knowledgeable and innovative real estate agents, Tony has been in the real estate profession for well over 19 years.

Not only is he incredibly familiar with East Boston’s housing inventory, Tony is well acquainted with many of its homeowners, potential neighbors, and village residents. He prides himself on his lasting relationships with buyers and sellers of all backgrounds as well as other agents in the East Boston real estate community. Many peers agree he comes with one of the strongest understandings of the real estate market around.

For many years Tony ran a very successful rental division, renting dozens of apartments on a monthly basis. Many former tenants with whom he worked have become successful homebuyers. Since then, East Boston has been transformed from a city of absentee landlords to a neighborhood of homeowners.

With parents hailing from both the North End and East Boston, Tony understands the needs and concerns of long-time neighborhood residents: he has aided dozens of clients who have lived in family homes for generations prepare their homes for sale.

And with a nod to East Boston’s future, he has bought, renovated, and sold dozens of properties in the neighborhood, two of which were recently completed condominium developments. A native of Melrose who has also lived in Cambridge and Boston, Tony readily understands the housing needs of homebuyers from throughout the metropolitan Boston area who are interested in East Boston’s charms as well as its proximity to Boston.

A member of the East Boston Chamber of Commerce and the East Boston Kiwanis Club, Tony is an avid supporter of East Boston’s civic organizations. He has played a supporting role in Zumix, Italia Unita, East Boston Healthy Boston Coalition, as well as the East Boston Artists Group.

Tony graduated with honors from Harvard College where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree—he specialized in Urban Economics. He also spent some time studying abroad in Madrid. His ability to speak Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, as well as his studies and family background, have given him a passion for vibrant urban communities rich in diversity—the perfect East Boston match.
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