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Boutique Service . . .

A small, independent outfit with a deep knowledge of our neighborhood, Tony’s Realty has been serving the community of East Boston since 1989. One of the longest serving boutiques on the block, we’ve witnessed, and have helped usher in, East Boston’s renaissance from a city of absentee landlords to a neighborhood of homeowners.
Tony's Realty office in East Boston, Massachusetts
Our pioneering location in Maverick Square, the heart and soul of East Boston, allows us to keep our ears to the ground. We’re keenly aware of
the neighborhood that surrounds us. So much so, we’re as much a part of the neighborhood fabric as the homes, streets, and lampposts that compose our village.

As an agency that’s been inside many East Boston homes, our clients not only become familiar with homes for purchase, they’re often informed of property history and ownership trends
of the immediate neighborhood.
Whether you’re a first time homebuyer, or an experienced seller, you’ll find an office that clearly knows the neighborhood. You might even meet the neighbors.

So if our little neighborhood intrigues you, give us a call. Or if you’d like, take a look at our properties online. Either way, we invite you to get to know more about East Boston. Join us for a stroll through the neighborhood . . .

We primarily service East Boston, MA

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